Convoluted Technologies is a leading manufacturer of flexible metal hose, composite Hose and associated products.

It is the aim of Convoluted Technologies to conduct business in a manner that is environmentally responsible having due regard for corporate and community standards and expectations and the relevant environment legislation and regulations. Any customer specified environmental requirements are also observed as part of our commitment to meeting and satisfying our customer’s requirements.

Convoluted Technologies do not, within any of their production processes use any inputs or create any products, by-products or waste streams that are considered in any way detrimental to the environment. In the event, however of any environmental deficiency becoming evident, Convoluted Technologies has systems in place, via its Quality Management System, to investigate the cause and initiate appropriate corrective action to ensure that a recurrence of the deficiency does not occur. Regular reviews are also undertaken by management to ensure that environmental related policies and procedures in place are adequate and effective.

It is standard policy and procedure to ensure that any contaminants and materials which are harmful to the environment are contained and then disposed of in accordance with current Environmental Protection Authority requirements.

It is also standard policy and procedure to conserve and recycle resources wherever possible and practical.