Flexible Metal Hose assemblies manufactured with Activfire certification for fire sprinkler piping systems.

Flexible Metal Hose assemblies installed in fire sprinkler piping systems need to be manufactured to a strict set of rules in compliance with our Activfire Certificate afp-3795:

These Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies are used in fire fighting equipment to overcome vibration, misalignment, thermal and seismic movement.

End connection commonly roll grooved, flanged, threaded connections, straight or on piping elbows.

Any hose length in the below diameters and pressures. (Could be restricted by the end connection pressure rating)

Standard-flex hose Assemblies from 20mm to 50mm I.D. MWP of 2500 kPa.
Standard-flex hose Assemblies from 65mm to 200mm I.D. MWP of 1200 kPa.