Corrugated braided flexible metal hose with interlocked amour

Corrugated braided flexible metal hose with interlocked amour

Hose internal and external protection with interlocked amour.

To prevent abrasion and over bending, an amour metal interlocked hose can be used as a protective cover over wires or even other hoses. Interlocked hose can be very abrasion resistant, making it ideal for use as protection to corrugated hose from either abrasive media or external damage. Interlocked hose can also be applied to the outside of a corrugated hose to prevent it from over bending. Bending a corrugated hose is one way to excessively fatigue the metal hose of an assembly. However, interlocked hose cannot be over bent without pulling the hose apart, making it an excellent bend restrictor when installed on a corrugated assembly.

The interlocked hose can also be used as internal lining to assist with:

  1. High velocity flow applications to reduce the turbulence and vibration
  2. Internal abrasion protection in pressurised applications
  3. Smooth lining of the corrugations to stop material clogging the corrugations

Historically flexible metal hose assemblies where fitted with a galvanised amour wire to protect the braid from abrasion.

Our interlocked amour is better alternative for two main reasons it offers an additional thermal insulation in cryogenic applications and it is unlikely to get caught behind sharp edges when you handle the hose.