BEDA oxygen technik

BEDA oxygen technik

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd is happy to announce, that we are now the new endorsed distributor of BEDA OXYGENTECHNIK Equipment for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Convoluted Technologies is the supplier of choice to Australian heavy industry with stainless steel flexible metal hose, thermal protective silicone coated fire sleeving, composite hoses, pressure piping and associated products. We now employ over twenty staff members and have a vast amount of experience in the supply to the Australian heavy industry.

We are looking forward to support your organization with the following products on top our existing product range.

  • Oxygen lance holders, required spare parts and accessories.
  • Backfire safety / slag return devices.
  • Oxygen valves.
  • Oxygen regulators.
  • Oxygen approved hose designed to perform well in smelter environments.
  • Hose reels designed to withstand tough smelters conditions.
  • Oxygen / Carbon injecting systems.
  • Argon bubbling systems for ladle treatment, robust and leak free, from design all away up to implementation sure to supply savings in your operational cost.
  • High flow safety devices for oxy / fuel burner on Electric Arc Furnaces.
  • Safety devices for air / oxygen / particle injection at blast furnace.
  • Specialised autogenous equipment for steel works

Convoluted Technologies has received training from BEDA OXYGENTECHNIK in Germany and is now certified to perform Lance holder repairs, regular BEDA lance control safety checks and Beda lance control safety reporting.

In further demonstration of our support to BEDA OXYGENTECHNIK equipment we can offer oxygen safety presentations, and safe work procedures for staff working with the equipment on site.

To ensure a seamless transition we need your assistance in setting up to be a vendor to your organization, an induction to your site, along with any specific safety requirements to perform the duties of your site BEDA safety auditor and consultant.