Flexible Metal Hose assemblies manufactured with Activfire certification for fire sprinkler piping systems.

Flexible Metal Hose assemblies installed in fire sprinkler piping systems need to be manufactured to a strict set of rules in compliance with our Activfire Certificate afp-3795: These Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies are used in fire fighting equipment to overcome vibration, misalignment, thermal and seismic movement. End connection commonly roll grooved, flanged, threaded connections, straight […]

Crimped and Whire Whipped Composite hose assemblies

Crimped and Whire Whipped Composite hose assemblies

Convoluted Technologies is a proud Australian composite code hose manufacturer, that is complemented with our own design of high quality strong Petro-lock / Vapour lock fuel fittings, seals and crimp ferrules. We manufacture a complete range of composite hoses in our state of the art automated manufacturing facility, assuring our customers a consistent quality product. (These […]

Composite hose assemblies to your preferred attachment method

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd historically assemble composite hoses by the method of crimping Complete hose and fittings Historically assemble composite hoses by the method of wire whipping With the acquisition of Complete hose and Fittings by Convoluted the two methods will become a choice for our customers. Crimped or Wire whipped, we can offer whatever […]

Red Silicone Coated Aero Space Grade Fire Sleeving

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd Red Silicone Coated Fire Sleeving

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd, stocks large volumes of red silicone coated fire sleeving. We sell by the continuous length of 30 meter or cut by to customer length by the meter. The range is complimented by the silicone tape or stainless steel crimp rings to secure the ends.

Work goes on in our Convoluted world!

Convoluted technologies Code 1000 composite hose assemblies complete with petrolocks

Convoluted Technologies Code 1000 hose assemblies in a day’s work. These Australian manufactured composite code hoses are destined to go on to fuel tanker trucks, delivering fuel to petrol stations all over the country. Head Office manufacturing facility: Unit 2 / 163 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills NSW 2147 P 02 98389599 NEW purpose build facility […]

We work better at high pressure!

High pressure metal hose assembly

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd, quattro braided ultra high pressure Stainless steel flexible metal hose assemblies. Hose, Braid, fittings, manufacturing and testing methods fully matched to the customers application! If our stock standard hose does not meet your requirements we look for other options. Just ask our sales and engineering team. Head Office Unit 2 / […]