Alpha Process Controls

Alpha Process Controls 

Incorporating leading-edge technologies, Alpha Process Controls ensure that their comprehensive product range is manufactured to meet the most demanding standards of safety and quality. They deliver innovative coupling and transfer solutions for oil, gas, marine, offshore, cryogenic and chemical applications.

Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd is a authorised distributer of Alpha Process Controls equipment for Australia.

Alpha Process Controls typical manufactured products are:

  • Cryogenic quick connect & disconnect couplers (QCDC couplings)
  • Cryogenic breakaway couplings
  • Safety breakaway couplings
  • Marine breakaway couplings
  • Marine transfer systems
  • Fluidseal dry break couplings
  • Emergency release collar coupling (ERC Coupling)
  • Loading arm couplings
  • Hose coupling systems
  • Rail transfer systems

Typical products transferred include:

  • Liquefied gases: LPG, butane, propane, propylene.
  • Oils: crude, diesel, fuel oils, Jet A1
  • Chemicals: ammonia, methanol, aromatics, ethylene & propylene, VCM, alcohols & acids, refrigerants, forane (R-22).
  • Speciality: hydraulic oils, inks, paints, solvents, locomotive fuelling, helicopter fuelling, aircraft de-Icing fluids.

Please contact our sales staff for our product specialists:

Breakaway CouplingsBreakaway Couplings
Breakaway Couplings
Drybreak Coupling And Breakaway CouplingsDrybreak Coupling And Breakaway Couplings
Drybreak Coupling And Breakaway Couplings
Emergency Release Collar CouplingEmergency Release Collar Coupling
Emergency Release Collar Coupling
Fluiseal Drybreak CouplingsFluiseal Drybreak Couplings
Fluiseal Drybreak Couplings
Shut Of ValvesShut Of Valves
Shut Of Valves