Convoluted Technologies manufactures Interlocked hose by helically winding a preformed strip of 304 grade stainless steel over a nominal bore forming mandrel and folding together the adjacent edges.

Depending on the preformed shape of the strip, strip thicknesses and mandrel shape; we are able to make a range of different products with a similar outside appearance. Therefore, it is most important that our sales staff are fully informed about the application where the product is to be used.

Polygonal Interlocked exhaust hose is made out of standard thickness material and is lightly wound, resulting in a lesser seal which is used for open-ended exhaust and low pressure applications.

The polygonal shape of the product prevents it from unwinding when it is cut to length. The bore range is from 19 mm to 203 mm (inside diameter). The maximum temperature rating is 600 Degrees Celsius due to the standard materials used.

Industrial Interlocked hose is made out of a thicker material and the layers are tightly wound to minimise leakage through the seams; this makes the product suitable for suction and delivery of exhaust fumes, dust, abrasive and granular products at ambient and elevated temperatures.

This hose has a circular shape that requires a small tag weld before cutting it to the required length.

The bore range is from 32 mm to 300 mm inside diameter. The maximum temperature rating is 650 Degrees Celsius due to the heavier materials used.

Typical products conveyed with the Industrial Interlocked hose are lime, cement dust, sand, grain, stockfeed, plastic pellets, sugar and fly ash.