Manufactured goods in all different shapes and sizes.


Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd, manufactures goods to customer specific needs and demands, resulting in daily parcels of differet shapes and sizes.

The finished goods are shipped nationally and internationally.

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We can deliver at Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd!


Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd, two of our core specialty products pictured; Composite hose and Stainless steel flexible metal hose assemblies.

No order is too big to handle!

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New product release CT-REJ Rubber expansion joints.


Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd stock and distribute a comprehensive range of CT-REJ rubber expansion joints for use in many tough, demanding industrial applications such as drinking water, chilled water, cooling water, irrigation, condenser water applications, sewerage systems, fire systems, power generation, process plants, pulp and paper plants, HVAC heating and ventilating systems, sanitary installations, marine services, off-shore installations, flue gas cleaning systems and chemical / petrochemical plants.

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Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd fabricated camlock adaptor with ANSI 150 flange

On the service this just looks like one of our many fabrication jobs we do on a day to day base.

Reality to this job specifications is: Welding Procedures and welder qualifications, Hydrostatic testing,  EN 10204 type 3.1 material certification, PMI (Positive material Identification) testing, Dye penetrant testing to ISO 9712 standards level 2, Radiographic testing of all butt welds.

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Bitumen Transfer Hose assemblies with bronze AS 2475-2001 bituminous end connections

2 ½” stainless steel convoluted standard-flex hose with protective armour wire.
Higher flexibility, lighter weight, fully welded hose seal, stronger and more newly developed secure fit of the AS2475 threaded hose connections.
All types of AS2475 fittings are available in Aluminium and Bronze and fittings spanners.

We also manufacture custom made bitumen spray bar hoses and bitumen Code 966 GG hand bar Composite hoses.
We can offer for the 2 1/2" transfer hoses hose cleaning and re-certification in NSW,QLD,VIC,TAS and WA.

Our system of cleaning is unique and extremely effective dirty hoses back to clean stainless steel internally so not bitumen can block potential failed spots during the hydrostatic test.
Note water and hot bitumen don't mix well so it's important to get the hoses drained fully after testing.
Feel free to inquire more about or Bitumen hoses on 02 98389599 or visit our web site on
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Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd WA Birbra Lake service branch production in full swing.

Since we opened our service branch in Bibra lake, Western Australia we have been receiving good support and feedback from our loyal customers.

Our WA team have been producing simular service and high quality products to that our customers at the east coast receive from Convoluted for many years.

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Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd Code 1003 composite hose assemblies with aluminium Storz couplings each end.


Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd has manufactured the light weight Code 1003 composite hose at their NSW Seven Hills composite hose manufacturing facility.

After manufacturing the hose from carefully selected raw materials, we turn the bulk composite hose into hose assemblies.

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Our industrial interlocked hose with Travis coupling to be used on vacuum trucks


The Industrial interlocked hose with packing and male/female Travis couplings in this picture can be used under vacuum/suction off abrasive and hot media.

Typical applications Lime, Sand, Cement, Fly ash, Soda ash, Scale, Glass, Grain, Sawdust, Wood chips, Rubble, Contaminated soil and Sludge removal.

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Flexible Metal Hose assemblies manufactured with Watermark Licence for drinking and non-drinking water applications.


Flexible Metal Hose assemblies installed in drinking or non-drinking water applications need to be manufactured, cleaned and certified to a strict set of rules in compliance with our Watermark Licence to WMTS-520-2016: Technical Specification for the manufacturing of Flexible Metal Hose

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Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd has successfully changed our AGA approval to AS 4631-2018 upgraded standards.


From time to time Australian standards change.

We are happy to announce we fully completed the change of our AGA approval, Certificate number 6745-5 to comply with AS4631-2018 upgraded standard

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Aviation Fuel Composite hose assemblies.


DN100 Aviation Code 700 SG Composite hose assembly complete with DN100 stainless steel 316 Mill spec type C female cam-locks --- 2500 mm OAL ---

This is a commonly manufactured composite hose assembly used in the aviation industry with stainless steel internal wire, galvanised steel external wire and carefully selected materials suitable for the suction and delivery of aviation fuels.

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AESL fire protective sleeving the ultimate fire and heat protection solutions for your hoses, lines, wires and cables.


Convoluted Technologies Pty ltd AESL Aerospace grade silicone coated braided fiberglass fire sleeve, enables hose assemblies to meet AS1072 standard.

The High-grade silicone outer is a unique compound which sheds splashes of molten metals, and forms a protective 'crust' when exposed to flame. This allows the sleeve to withstand short term flame immersion.

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Convoluted Technologies service centre Western Australia



Convoluted Technologies: Bibra Lake, Western Australia

Dear Customer,

We are excited to announce that Convoluted Technologies Pty. Ltd. (Convoluted) has completed setting up our brand new, well equipped and stocked service facility in Bibra Lake - WA to service our loyal and forever growing customer base in Western Australia.

After a soft start servicing the need of particular customers, we have put the final touch on: the building; staff; equipment and stock.

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Convoluted has acquired Flexonics Pacific Pty Ltd (Flexible Piping Systems) national business assets; inventory, Intellectual Property and registered trademarks.


We are excited to announce that in April 2019 Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd (Convoluted) has acquired Flexonics Pacific Pty Ltd (Flexible Piping Systems) national business assets; inventory, Intellectual Property and registered trademarks.

This gives Convoluted a strong national presence, by merging the Flexonics products, services and a VIC service location to the existing Convoluted technologies business. We have employed several Flexonics key Engineering, Sales and Estimating staff members who have the experience and understanding of all their former customers’ special needs and requirements.

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Flexible Metal Hose assemblies manufactured with AGA approval for gas applications and Watermark Licence for drinking and non-drinking water applications.


Flexible Metal Hose assemblies installed in a Natural Gas, Town Gas, Tempered Liquefied Petroleum Gas (TLP) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) application need to be manufactured and certified to a strict set of rules in compliance with the Australian Gas Association (AGA) approval to AS4631-2005. Certificate No 6745.

Standard and Super-flex hose assemblies from 6mm to 50mm I.D. MWP of 2600kPa. Standard and Super-flex hose assemblies from 65mm to 200mm I.D. MWP of 1500kPa.

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Industrial Stripwound Interlocked hose for the suction and discharge of dust, abrasive and granular products.


Convoluted Technologies manufactures Interlocked hose by helically winding a preformed strip of 304 grade stainless steel over a nominal bore forming mandrel and folding together the adjacent edges.

Depending on the preformed shape of the strip, strip thicknesses and mandrel shape; we are able to make a range of different products with a similar outside appearance. Therefore, it is most important that our sales staff are fully informed about the application where the product is to be used.

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Rope lagging of a 6" chemical composite dock hose.

Rope lagging is an effective method to prevent abrasion damage on the outside of a composite hose assembly, without compromising the bend radius of the hose too much.
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Flexibility in fitting choice with Convoluted metal hose assemblies.


Any weld-able fitting can be incorporated into a convoluted hose assembly, and in any configuration, while other hose types require special shanks and collars. This can be a benefit over other hose types that would require multiple threaded connections to connect several hoses together. Every threaded connection is a potential leakage point, so every welded fitting eliminates a leakage point and can facilitate installation.

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Corrugated braided flexible metal hose with interlocked amour


Hose internal and external protection with interlocked amour.

To prevent abrasion and over bending, an amour metal interlocked hose can be used as a protective cover over wires or even other hoses. Interlocked hose can be very abrasion resistant, making it ideal for use as protection to corrugated hose from either abrasive media or external damage. Interlocked hose can also be applied to the outside of a corrugated hose to prevent it from over bending. Bending a corrugated hose is one way to excessively fatigue the metal hose of an assembly. However, interlocked hose cannot be over bent without pulling the hose apart, making it an excellent bend restrictor when installed on a corrugated assembly.

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Convoluted Technologies - Celebrating 15 years


Dear Customers, Convoluted Technologies Pty Ltd. On September 8th 2018, we celebrated 15 years in business.

We would like to say thank you for your support over these last 15 years of business. It has been a fantastic journey from our humble beginnings, to the mature manufacturing / supply business we are today.

We have big plans for the future and hope to receive the same support from our loyal customers.

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